Mason Equipment & Design, LLC

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Products Represented

Identification and Safety Products – Pipe markers, valve tags, equipment nameplates
SystemAir ChangeAir
Vertical classroom unit ventilators, Packaged air source/water source units, Energy Recovery units
Coil Company
Replacement coils - DX, hydronic, condenser coils; Replacement fan coils, air handlers, heat exchangers, tube bundles
Variable frequency drives for HVAC application for new and retrofit markets.
Radiate Comfort Systems
High Efficiency Water Source/Geothermal Heat pumps with single, two- speed or variable speed compressors; Packaged makeup air/energy recovery units.
Pre-insulated piping systems for high pressure steam, chilled water, hot water. Containment systems.
International Wastewater Systems
The sewage SHARC: Sewage Heat and Recovery system.
Nexus Valve
Automatic Flow Control Valves, Manual Balance Valves, Coil Piping Packages, Hose Kits.
Heat tracing systems – domestic hot water temperature maintenance, freeze protection.
Vibration Management Corporation
Vibration and Noise Control Products; Seismic Products – cable restraints, inertia bases, etc.